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For many, a trip across the bridge which connects Forster and Tuncurry evokes memories of family holidays spent on the beach or lake. These memories often forge a connection with the twin towns with generations choosing Forster or Tuncurry as their yearly holiday escape.



Whether it's a surf, swim or sunbake, there is a beach in Forster or Tuncurry ready to be enjoyed. 


Forster's north facing Main Beach and seawater pool in the centre of town offer calm swimming conditions on most days making it a family favourite. The beach is patrolled throughout summer and nearby cafés Beach Bums and Wingman Espresso offer beach goers options for breakfast and lunch.

One Mile Beach is Forster's biggest easterly facing beach. Its iconic sand dune at the northern end offers visitors a challenging climb but one rewarded with expansive views down the beach and one of the best places to spot migrating whales. One Mile is patrolled at the southern end in summer months and is a favourite for surfers who share the waves with the common and bottlenose dolphins who frequent the shoreline.


The rocks that line the shore of Forster's Burgess Beach make it one of the most picturesque on the Barrington Coast. Find your own private rockpool amongst the towering rocks or head to the white sands of the southern beach, only accessed at low tide by walking around the headland.


Tuncurry's Nine Mile Beach stretches from the Tuncurry's breakwall all the way to Black Head and is 4WD accessible with a MidCoast Council beach permit. A popular surfing beach, Nine Mile is also home to the annual Mullet Run where professional fisherman haul huge catches of mullet as they leave the lake and river system.


McBrides and Seven Mile Beaches of Booti Booti National Park in Forster's south offer adventure and fantastic fishing opportunities. McBrides Beach is accessed via foot on a tough track through the littoral rainforest of the Park. Be rewarded with a secluded beach and try to not think about the climb back out! Seven Mile Beach stretches from Forster's southern tip to Pacific Palms and is a popular beach and rock fishing location. When the swell is on, be prepared for the carpark to be full of local and visiting surfers with conditions providing one of the cleanest waves in the region.


Wallis Lake

The turquoise clear waters of Wallis Lake, the most picturesque and widely enjoyed lake of the Great Lakes of New South Wales separate the twin towns of Forster and Tuncurry. An iconic landmark, Wallis Lake comes alive in the summer months with boaters, fishers, paddlers and swimmers joining the dolphins, rays and turtles that call this lake home.

The shores of Breckenridge Channel in Forster are dotted with boatsheds. Grab some friends and paddle the lake on a stand-up or kayak or hire a boat to explore Wallis Lakes many islands. You can even hire luxury houseboats where you can drop anchor after a day of exploring to sleep on the water.


The lake system also provides some of the tastiest fish and seafood in the country. Wallis Lake is the biggest producer of Sydney Rock Oysters in the state with generational oyster farmers pointing to the lakes unique environment creating the perfect conditions to grow juicy and plump Sydney Rock  Oysters.


Explore Forster

Turquoise waters, uncrowded beaches and the best Sydney Rock oysters in Australia. Welcome to Forster and Tuncurry.

The beaches and waterways of Forster and Tuncurry are its main drawcard with six beautiful beaches offering choice of a salty experience or the clear waters of Wallis Lake posing endless water activities. This coupled with the exquisite dining experiences and accommodation offerings making Forster and Tuncurry one of the jewels of the Barrington Coast.

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